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It’s the story of a lifetime. Will she risk her life to get it?

Talented journalist Mig Comacho’s job is under threat, when a potentially huge story begins to unfold in Mexico that might just save her California newspaper
Far out of her comfort zone, Mig begins investigating the macabre events at the annual Day of the Dead festival in San Miguel de Allende, during which four corpses are found, each with an ominous message carved into its skin.

At the same time, underage girls start disappearing, and Mig finds herself in the middle of an international human trafficking operation. Its bosses? Cartels, and the very top end of government both sides of the border.

After a series of death threats, both on herself and her loved ones, Mig knows it’s not only the newspaper she’s out to save in the Mexican highlands, but dozens of innocent lives.

She wanted the scoop of a lifetime.
Will the headlines be of her own death?

Day of the Dead is the gripping starter to the much anticipated Mig Comacho vigilante thriller series, and will appeal to fans of AC Fuller, Nick Thacker, Ernest Dempsey, and Russell Blake.

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