THURSDAY, MARCH 28TH ONLINE LAUNCH OF LOVE BITES, my short story collection is serialised by The Pigeonhole. The first 250 readers get the chance to read it for free in their e-library over one month's time and can leave comments for me.

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Victorian Serial Novels
The serialization of literature began as early as the 17th century but it reached its zenith in Britain in the 19th century. Throughout the Victorian period, novels in serial parts were published in abundance in newspapers and magazines, by far the most popular form, or in discreet parts issued in instalments, usually twenty monthly issues. Serial publication enabled middle class readers to purchase novels that would be too expensive for them to purchase as a single edition. Most monthly part issues sold for about one shilling, meaning the cost of a novel could be spread out over a year and a half. Magazines and newspapers were even more affordable and many offered two or more novels running concurrently.
— University of Victoria, Canada