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Citrus Fruits


Love Bites and other stories


short story collection published by Unbound, UK 2017

Love Bites is a collection of thirteen stories set in Europe and North America. They trace foreigners, drifters and eccentrics linked by their need for acknowledgment and belonging.

 The Fan
psychological suspense

Image by Rafael Leão

How deep into the darkness would you go to find the spotlight?

Set in 1995 in London’s East End, an impoverished drama student receives anonymous fan letters promising her fame even before she's publicly performed. Who is this mysterious admirer and why are they hurting others to help her find her spotlight? As she uncovers secrets in the shadows of her drama school she becomes embroiled in a role which could land her in prison.


 Day of the Dead 


first thriller in a series published by Condor Press 2021


  • It’s the story of a lifetime. Will she risk her life to get it?

  • Talented journalist Mig Comacho’s job is under threat, when a potentially huge story begins to unfold in Mexico that might just save her California newspaper.

Aisling’s Vision
psychological suspense

Image by The Ian

An ambitious photographer needs to get the perfect shot before losing her sight.

Or she'll lose her life.

An emerging photographer travels to India to capture an award-winning photo for a contest. After witnessing a murder and carrying the evidence in her camera, she begins to lose her sight. Is she next on his list? Can she escape India and save her sight before its too late?


The Residents of Room 12.01

Image by Stefano Pollio

short story collection 2023

Ghost stories and speculative fiction

Ten stories to tease your fears 



Published & Awarded Stories

Image by Nong V

Individual stories published in literary magazines or awarded

Hamlet's Mother, Honorable Mention Short Story, Writer's Digest Annual 

Competition USA 2022


Infertile Land, Menda City Review, USA, 2016


Phantom Appendage, DeComp, USA, 2015


Love Bites, print, Bitter Oleander, US, 2015

Love Bites The Penmen Review/Southern New Hampshire Uni., USA, 2015


Sunday in the Park with Betty, Writer's Room Anthology, Hamburg, 2014


Triumvirate, SubTerrain Lit, Vancouver, 2008


Call Me Bernie' WINNER: Best foreign short story, Moondance Film Festival, USA, 2007


His Golden Woman, Women in Judaism/

Univ of Toronto, 2006


Water re-tension, New Monologues for Women by Women II, Haring-Smith, USA, 2005


Candyman, Upstairs at Duroc/Alice Notley, Paris, 2004

Candyman, 1097 Mag online USA, 2007


Imagine the Love monologue, Audition Arsenal/Smith and Kraus, USA 2004

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